R.I.C.E. Way Training Program FAQ

Updated August 28, 2019

Required Training

All faculty and staff are required to complete the R.I.C.E. Way training program. Additionally, there are other trainings that are required based on an individual's specific job, location, or research area.

R.I.C.E. Way Program Overview

  1. Why does Rice University have a required training program?

As a community it is important that we all share a common understanding about behavioral expectations, particularly related to preventing harassment, securing data that has been entrusted to us, and conducting our educational and research mission in an ethical and legally compliant way. There are many laws and regulations covering required trainings. The R.I.C.E. Way Training Program is designed to give every employee a basic understanding of Rice policies and expectations in these areas.

The goal of the Program is to provide these required trainings in a coordinated and predictable manner, carefully managing the time burden, with incentives for timely completion.

  1. Who must complete the R.I.C.E. Way Training Program, and when?

For current staff and faculty (including tenure, tenure track, and non-tenure track) the Program will open on Tuesday March 26, 2019 with an email that has a link and instructions to access the program. Individuals must complete all modules by Friday May 17, 2019. Individuals who are on extended leave, such as FMLA or Military leave, must complete the training within 30 days of returning to Rice.

  1. What happens if I do not complete the Program? What if I complete it late? Are there consequences?

The expectation is that all employees will complete all modules by the deadline May 17, 2019.

Individuals who do not complete all training modules on or before June 1, 2019 (i.e.. on time or during a one month grace period) will not be eligible for a salary raise on July 1. Individuals whose pay raise is delayed due to incomplete training will not be paid retroactively. Pay raises will be effective according to the following schedule:

Training Completion Date Pay Raise Effective Date
On or before May 17 July 1
May 18- May 31 (grace period) July 1
June 1 - June 30 October 1
July 1 or later No Pay Raise
  1. What training is required?

The R.I.C.E. Way Training Program consists of three modules and will take approximately 1 hour to complete, to be completed by all new hires and by all existing faculty and staff every two years. The modules are: 1) The R.I.C.E. Way - discussing our Standards of Ethical Conduct, whistleblower policy, and Ethicsline reporting; 2) Information Security and Privacy – discussing appropriate data use and protection; and 3) Sexual Harassment Prevention- discussing both legal and behavioral expectations.

Additionally, certain faculty and staff who because of their position or duties are designated as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) under the Clery Act will have a fourth module on responsibilities under that law. These individuals will receive a separate email designating them as a CSA, and the Clery Act training will automatically be added to their training. If you are not a CSA, you will not see the Clery Act training in your program (more information on the Clery Act is available in University Policy 844, Clery Act).

  1. What vetting process was used for the R.I.C.E. Way Training Program?

The Program has been approved by the President, Provost, and Executive Compliance Committee. It has also been discussed with the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees, University Compliance Committee, Deans’ Council, and at the Faculty Senate.

More “Who” Questions

  1. What about part-time employees (including part-time faculty) or temporary employees?

All part-time employees must complete the Program. In the case of faculty, if they are active during the training timeframe then they must complete the training. Active means they are teaching a course, engaging in Rice sponsored research, or regularly interacting with Rice employees or students.

If they are not active during this timeframe, they must complete the training as soon as they return (within 30 days).

Example: Jane Doe teaches one course each fall semester, but does not teach, research, or do any other activities for Rice during the spring or summer. She should complete the training program at the start of the fall semester.

Temporary employees must complete the Program if either of the following is true:

  1. the expectation is that the individual will be at Rice for a period longer than 30 days, or
  2. the individual has worked at Rice for a period longer than 30 days.
  1. What about unpaid Adjuncts or Emeritus?

At this time, unpaid adjuncts and emeritus will not be included in the Program or receive email communications from Compliance. However, the expectation is that all individuals who are active at Rice will complete the training. This includes unpaid adjuncts or emeritus who teach courses, conduct research, interact with our students or regularly come on campus.

Please note, we are working on identifying those adjuncts and emeritus who should receive training and will communicate with them at a later date.

  1. What about New Hires?

All new hires must complete the training within 30 calendar days of starting work at Rice. The training requirement will be communicated by Human Resources during on boarding.

For this first year of the training program, if an individual starts on or before March 26, 2019, then they will be counted as current faculty and staff. If an individual starts March 27, 2019 or after, then they should complete the training within 30 calendar days (as part of their new hire on boarding).

In future training cycles, if an individual is hired between July 1 of the preceding year and the training cycle then they will not be required to retake the training with current faculty and staff (i.e. they will be given “credit” for their earlier training) as long as they completed their initial training on time (within 30 days).

  1. Can I get an extension or more time to complete training?

No. The only allowances are for individuals who are on an extended leave for most or all of the training program timeframe (e.g. FMLA or military leave).

A request for an extension can be made to the Chief Compliance Officer (kliddle@rice.edu) by either the individual or their supervisor, and must include the reason why training could not be completed during the training period. Individuals who are granted such an extension must complete their training within 30 days of returning to work.

Other “How” Questions

  1. How do I access and complete my training?

All trainings are located in one program on the Canvas Catalog platform. You must enable pop ups in your browser.

On or after March 26, you can access your training by clicking this link: https://catalog.rice.edu

Enter your NetId and password and you will see the program, with either three or four modules. Click on each of the modules and follow the screen prompts. When you have finished all modules, you will receive a certificate of completion.

  1. Does training need to be completed all at once? Can I start and stop?

The modules must be completed in order, but you can stop and come back at any time without losing your place.

  1. What if I (or individuals who report to me) do not have regular access to a computer?

Supervisors of individuals without regular access to a computer should contact the Chief Compliance Officer, and alternative arrangements will be made.

  1. What if I (or individuals who reports to me) do not speak English? (¿Y si no hablo inglés?)

Spanish language versions or comparable alternatives will be available. (Habrá versiones en español.)

  1. Is the R.I.C.E Way Training Program accessible to individuals with disabilities?

Yes, all training modules are compatible with most commercial screen readers and have closed captioning. Individuals with special needs or concerns should contact the Disability Resource Center.

  1. How do we make sure salaries are correct? What about salary letters?

There will be multiple reminders sent to individuals, their supervisors, and to VPs/Deans/Directors during the training period leading up to the deadline of May 17, and during the grace period before May 31. On June 1, the Chief Compliance Officer will notify the VP Finance and the Budget Director of individuals who have not completed the training. The Budget Office will adjust salaries to remove any planned pay raise and reserve those funds in the Dean or VP budget.

It is recommended that salary letters include a sentence that states:

"All salary increases are contingent upon completing the R.I.C.E. Way Training Program. If you have not completed the required Program your salary increase will not take effect on July 1, 2019. More information is available at https://rucompliance.rice.edu/training"

The Budget Office and Payroll are developing a procedure/protocol for adjusting the budget file so that correct salaries are loaded to Payroll before the start of the fiscal year.

Questions or more information

  1. Who do I contact for questions about the content of any particular training?

Individuals should contact the sponsor and content creator for the individual module.

  1. The R.I.C.E. Way
    1. Ken Liddle (Kliddle@rice.edu or x2287)
  2. Information Security and Privacy
    1. Marc Scarborough (marcs@rice.edu or x5735)
  3. Sexual Harassment Prevention
    1. Richard Baker (titleIX@rice.edu or x4350)
  4. Clery Act Campus Security Authority
    1. Captain Clemente Rodriquez (crod@rice.edu or x4896)
  1. Who do I contact for questions about the overall R.I.C.E. Way Training Program?

The Chief Compliance Officer, Ken Liddle (Kliddle@rice.edu or x2287) is available to answer any questions about the training program.

  1. Who do I contact for questions about the process for adjusting salaries?

The Budget Director, Mia Culton (mcc5@rice.edu) is available to answer questions or provide guidance related to salaries and pay raise pool funds.

19. Who do I contact for technical questions?

Note that the most common technical issue is caused by not enabling pop ups on your browser. If you need technical assistance, contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@rice.edu or 713-348-HELP(4357).