RICE Way Training Program FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions about the RICE Way Training 2022

Why does Rice University have the RICE Way Training 2022?

As a community it is important that we all share a common understanding regarding expectations to conduct our mission with integrity and in accordance with our legal, regulatory and ethical responsibilities.  The updated RICE Way Training is tailored to Rice and reflects our community, as well as our values.  It is designed to give every employee a basic understanding of Rice policies and expectations. 

The goal of the RICE Way Training is to provide these required trainings in a coordinated manner, carefully managing the time burdens. 

Who should complete the RICE Way Training, and when?

RICE Way Training is designed to be completed every two years by existing faculty and staff, and all new hires who become part of our community. 

For current staff and faculty (including tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure track) the RICE Way Training Program 2022 will open on Monday March 21, 2022. It is expected that employees will complete the training by Friday May 20, 2022. The training will be assigned to staff and faculty in the iO Learning Module.  Instructions as to how to access the training are available here.   Employees who are on leave, including FMLA or Military leave, should complete the training within 30 days of returning to Rice.

New hires should complete the training within 30 calendar days of starting work at Rice. 

How long is the training and what does it cover?

The RICE Way Training Program consists of six modules that will take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete. The modules are: 

Module 1 – Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct 
Module 2 – Information Security 
Module 3 – Privacy Regulations and Records Protection 
Module 4 – Diversity 
Module 5 – Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct 
Module 6 – Equity, Inclusion and Workplace Civility 

What about part-time employees (including part-time faculty)?

All part-time employees should complete the RICE Way Training.   In the case of faculty, if they are active during the training timeframe, then they should also complete the training.  Active means they are teaching a course, engaging in Rice sponsored research, or regularly interacting with Rice employees or students.

If they are not active during this timeframe, they should complete the training as soon as they return to campus responsibilities (within 30 days). 

Example: A professor teaches one course each fall semester, but does not teach, research, or do any other activities for Rice during the spring or summer. The professor should complete the training program at the start of the fall semester. 


What about unpaid Adjuncts or Emeritus Faculty?

Unpaid adjuncts and emeritus faculty will not be included in the program or be assigned the training. 

What about New Hires?

All new hires should complete the training within 30 calendar days of starting work at Rice.  The training requirement will be communicated by Human Resources during on boarding.  

How do I access and complete my training?

The RICE Way Training modules are assigned to each employee in the iO Learning Module. Instructions to access and navigate the training can be found here

Does training need to be completed all at once? Can I start and stop?

The training modules can be completed in any order, and you can stop and come back at any time without losing your place.

What if I (or employees who report to me) do not have regular access to a computer?

Supervisors of employees without regular access to a computer should contact Human Resources, and alternative arrangements will be made.

What if I (or employees who report to me) do not speak English?  (¿Y si alguien no habla inglés?)

Spanish language versions will be available. (Habrá versiones en español.)

Is the RICE Way Training accessible to persons with disabilities? 

All training modules have open captions and are compatible with most commercial screen readers.  Persons with accessibility concerns should contact the Disability Resource Center.

Who do I contact for questions about the Rice Way Training Program?

If you need technical assistance accessing iO, contact the IT Helpdesk at helpdesk@rice.edu or 713-348-4357.

If you need assistance navigating in iO to access the training, contact the HR Service Center at people@rice.edu  or at 713-348-2232.

Human Resources (people@rice.edu or 713-348-2232), the Office of Access, Equity and Equal Opportunity (aeeo@rice.edu or 713-348-6405) and the Ethics & Compliance Program (rice.compliance@rice.edu or 713-348-2287) are also available to answer questions or to direct you to the right department about inquiries related to the content of the training program.